Marble Polishing – Buckhead

Hello again Readers,


This was a quick small project.  This bathroom was 16 years old if I remember correctly.  We honed through three grits of diamonds to remove all damage and then polished to a high sheen.  Quite a dramatic difference!  When the term marble polishing is used it rarely means that polishing alone will restore a floor.  That was the case with this one as well.  If there are scratch marks then some type of honing will be required at the least.  Keep in mind honing of marble floors is done in a damp environment, so there will be absolutely no dust!


marble before marble after marble after2

Slate Floor Cleaning – Atlanta, GA

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This post is going to talk about Slate Cleaning, which in this instance is really stripping, cleaning, repairing and then sealing…  A little more than your average cleaning to say the least.  By the pictures you will most likely recognize this floor or building, as it has been a great meeting place in North Atlanta for many years.  An atrium style lobby as well.  While we were there working, we saw a couple weddings and some of the  most interesting Halloween Party participants…

With these floors we stripped, cleaned  and then sealed in small areas.  Slate cleaning or slate stripping is a frequent call to us, so I wanted to post a project showing these materials.   Enjoy!

slate cleaning3 slate cleaning2 slate cleaning after

Tile Cleaning – Smyrna, GA

Hello once again!


This was a project at an assisted living facility.  The previous management company had put wax on these floors.  As with some of my previous writings, it is very disappointing when I run into these situations.  Not necessary and certainly does not enhance the look or function of many floors that it is applied to.

These floors are a wood look porcelain tile.  We completely stripped off the sealers, then steam cleaned the tiles and grout lines.  The color of this floor lightened at least 10 shades making the hallways and rooms much brighter.  Awesome project – I met a couple older Marines too!!


Tile Cleaning Smyrna Tile Cleaning Smyrna2



Travertine Cleaning – Roswell, GA

Howdy Folks,


A quick post regarding a travertine floor cleaning that we did in Roswell, GA recently.  This style of stone we see more and more recently.  It has a cleft edge, but some call them antique edge etc.. Either way, it’s irrelevant, they are treated the same.  Most of these floors are simply pressure cleaned, make small repairs and then sealed.  Filling holes or voids after travertine cleaning finishes off the project and makes everything look wonderful.


Travertine Cleaning – Roswell, GA


Travertine Cleaning Roswell

Travertine Restoration – Johns Creek

Hello Again,


This project is pretty typical, a new homeowner taking over a floor that was never maintained or looked after whatsoever.  Upon inspection this floor still had grout haze covering the floor from its initial installation some 8 years prior.  See the dull haze in the before picture?  To clean up this travertine floor we honed to remove the damage then polished it back to a nice high sheen.  This travertine had quite a bit of factory fill that were not level with the tile, with these we filled and shaved flush where necessary.

In the second picture I tried to capture a half way done floor, before we moved the piano (those are fun for sure!).  Travertine restoration at its finest, we love these projects!


Travertine before Johns Creek Travertine during Johns Creek Travertine after Johns Creek

Exterior Stone Cleaning – Buckhead

Hello Again,


Finally catching up on some interesting projects.  This one was a little different, in that we did this project some time ago, but I have returned recently for an inspection of another project.  While there I was able to see how the cleaning and sealing of the exterior porch, walls and pillars were holding up.  Exterior cleaning is most typically done via high pressure alone, I see it all the time.  When that method is used, you usually see the marks or patterns the technician haphazardly placed into the surface.  De-greasing or loosening of the embedded soils is a very important part of exterior cleaning, but usually ingnored.  I will not give a lesson on exterior stone cleaning with this post, but I wanted to show the difference when a plan is executed properly.  After the surface was dry, we applied a special exterior sealer that will prevent the future growth of mold and mildew.  Two years later the pillar in this picture looks the same!!

Before and after pictures of Exterior Stone Cleaning in Buckhead.


Exterior before2 Exterior before1 Exterior after

Limestone Cleaning – Sandy Springs, GA

This project was a rather large one that involved a lot of Limestone Cleaning.  Luckily there were no topical sealers applied previously, this allowed us to just de-grease and steam clean the Limestone.  Periodically we would remove small blemishes or damage and match the factory sheen.  We then dry the limestone and seal with an impregnating sealer for stain prevention.   Limestone typically is a very porous and rough textured stone.  That texture makes routine cleaning  necessary to keep the floor looking great.  Here is a quick picture of limestone cleaning  in Sandy Springs, GA.



Travertine Cleaning – Marietta, GA

Hello again!

We recently cleaned and repaired a travertine floor in Marietta.  This floor, along with most in the home had been covered with quite a few acrylic shine products over the years.   The new homeowners wanted the floors back to their natural state, I will have some posts regarding the other floors in this home soon.

We began by stripping the acrylic products, fortunately there was not a lot of it here compared with the rest of the home.

After stripping, we then de-greased and pressure steam cleaned the stone.  Travertine cleaning results are very effective when using pressure cleaning, it allows us to get deep into the voids and pores of the stone.  Once we had the travertine cleaned, we could inspect it for acid damage.  There were only a few acid damage spots around the toilet that we quickly restored.  Dry the floor and seal with an impregnating sealer and it looks as good as new!  I love these results!!


Marietta Travertine Cleaning Before

Marietta Travertine Cleaning Before


Marietta Travertine Cleaning

Marietta Travertine Cleaning After

Travertine Flattening and Restoration – Douglasville,GA


Hello Everyone,

This post is to show a recent project with Travertine grinding and polishing in Douglasville, Ga.


We were tasked to flatten this floor as the installation left numerous lips on many tiles.  Some were as high as 1/8″ and actually caused you to trip while walking!  Not good at all.   Our process to restore this beautiful travertine were:

  • Hand grind excessive lips prior to using floor machines. (First Picture)  See how many we had to grind??
  • Planetary grind travertine in low diamond grit to flatten.
  • Continue honing to remove previous scratches.  Four diamond grits in sequence.

At this point the floor was opened up completely and other voids / holes were exposed during the grinding steps:

  • Floated entire floor to fill voids, grout lines and minor pits.
  • Hone floor at two remaining diamond grits.
  • Paste polish to a high sheen.

Yes I know this is a lot of work!!!  But in the end the floor is like those from Italy that are installed and then ground in place.  The name for them is a monolithic floor.  The beauty is that once they are ground flat they will never be nothing but flat!!  Plus you can see a grout line, but not feel it as they have been ground right along with the stone…



Concrete Polishing Woodstock, GA

Happy 4th of July!!

Concrete Polishing Woodstock, GA

This project we completed in the last couple weeks.   The space is going to be the condominium sales office in a now thriving section of Woodstock, GA.


The goal was a polished concrete floor, dyed with a sand color and 36″ diagonal saw cuts.  Existing imperfections in the slab were to be left and not repaired to help give them a loft look.  The end result looks like a polished leather floor with the coloring.  Very cool!   When your travels take you to Woodstock,GA stop in and have a look.

All of the passers by were very impressed.  My apologies for the pictures, there was no power or lights in the space while we worked.  For the pictures I tried to use the outside lighting/ trees/ clouds to show the floor.  I need to take a photography class!

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