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Marble Polishing – Buckhead

Hello again Readers,   This was a quick small project.  This bathroom was 16 years old if I remember correctly.  We honed through three grits of diamonds to remove all damage and then polished to a high sheen.  Quite a dramatic difference!  When the term marble polishing is used it rarely means that polishing alone […]

Travertine Cleaning – Roswell, GA

Howdy Folks,   A quick post regarding a travertine floor cleaning that we did in Roswell, GA recently.  This style of stone we see more and more recently.  It has a cleft edge, but some call them antique edge etc.. Either way, it’s irrelevant, they are treated the same.  Most of these floors are simply […]

Travertine Restoration – Johns Creek

Hello Again,   This project is pretty typical, a new homeowner taking over a floor that was never maintained or looked after whatsoever.  Upon inspection this floor still had grout haze covering the floor from its initial installation some 8 years prior.  See the dull haze in the before picture?  To clean up this travertine […]

Limestone Cleaning – Sandy Springs, GA

This project was a rather large one that involved a lot of Limestone Cleaning.  Luckily there were no topical sealers applied previously, this allowed us to just de-grease and steam clean the Limestone.  Periodically we would remove small blemishes or damage and match the factory sheen.  We then dry the limestone and seal with an […]

Travertine Cleaning – Marietta, GA

Hello again! We recently cleaned and repaired a travertine floor in Marietta.  This floor, along with most in the home had been covered with quite a few acrylic shine products over the years.   The new homeowners wanted the floors back to their natural state, I will have some posts regarding the other floors in […]

Travertine Flattening and Restoration – Douglasville,GA

  Hello Everyone, This post is to show a recent project with Travertine grinding and polishing in Douglasville, Ga.   We were tasked to flatten this floor as the installation left numerous lips on many tiles.  Some were as high as 1/8″ and actually caused you to trip while walking!  Not good at all.   Our […]

Marble Restoration St. Ives Country Club – Duluth, GA

Happy 4th of July!!! Marble Polishing St. Ives Country Club – Duluth, GA This project consisted of a 15 year old marble foyer, hall and powder room.  The marble is Crema Marfil with a black marble inlay/surround. Due to the years of wear and use, we honed this marble using three grits of diamonds and […]

Saltillo Floor in Gainesville, GA

Howdy Everyone! Thankfully I am finally able to catch up on some of the more recent projects we have had the privilege of working on.   This Saltillo floor was in very poor condition due to the prior owners neglect and general abuse.  The before photo makes my spine tingle and will give me another […]

Marble Polishing

Howdy Folks – just a quick post to show that not all marble floors can be restored in the same fashion.   Depending on the damage – is it acid etch damage or more scratch related?  When the marble is dull due to scratch damage the only proper way of restoration is through the use […]

Travertine Sealer?

Why the need for this post you might ask?  90% of the travertine floors I have looked at recently have had the wrong sealer applied to them.  Granted most of the time it was a tile installer or builder just trying to cover up or mask the ‘dirty’ look that the tiles came out of […]

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