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Thank You to our Commercial Clients!

In addition to our hundreds of residential clients, I wanted to take a quick moment and recognize the many commercial clients that put their trust in Peak Floor Solutions this past year.  No two floors were the same, yet we found a way to get the projects completed.    It was our pleasure completing these many […]

Travertine Holes?

If you have travertine most likely what we talk about in this post will be relevant for you.  Maybe you have travertine holes that seemingly appear out of nowhere?  Often heavy objects are pulled across a floor without regard or a heavy object has been dropped on the travertine.  Cleaning travertine holes can present a […]

So you want Marble Counters?

When it comes to selecting your new counter tops the selection can be daunting to say the least. Granite, Marble, Concrete, Tile, Quartz, and many other man-made options are what most select. Why am I writing about Marble Counter-tops you ask?  Because of the high number of phone calls that I get from someone who […]


Travertine is one of the natural stones that we are called on the most.  Many times the wrong cleaners are used and in the end etch the travertine.  When acidic drinks or products come into contact with travertine, the result is the inevitable “dull dot”. Care should always be given when anything of an acidic […]

Natural Stone Flooring Blog

Welcome to our new and improved website!!  This new arena will allow us to blog and talk about situations that many homeowners find themselves in — whether it is daily cleaning or general natural stone issues.  If there are issues as a homeowner you face, fill out the comment section of any page and I […]

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