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Slate Floor Cleaning – Atlanta, GA

Hello Readers,   This post is going to talk about Slate Cleaning, which in this instance is really stripping, cleaning, repairing and then sealing…  A little more than your average cleaning to say the least.  By the pictures you will most likely recognize this floor or building, as it has been a great meeting place […]

Tile Cleaning – Smyrna, GA

Hello once again!   This was a project at an assisted living facility.  The previous management company had put wax on these floors.  As with some of my previous writings, it is very disappointing when I run into these situations.  Not necessary and certainly does not enhance the look or function of many floors that […]

Exterior Stone Cleaning – Buckhead

Hello Again,   Finally catching up on some interesting projects.  This one was a little different, in that we did this project some time ago, but I have returned recently for an inspection of another project.  While there I was able to see how the cleaning and sealing of the exterior porch, walls and pillars […]

Travertine Flattening and Restoration – Douglasville,GA

  Hello Everyone, This post is to show a recent project with Travertine grinding and polishing in Douglasville, Ga.   We were tasked to flatten this floor as the installation left numerous lips on many tiles.  Some were as high as 1/8″ and actually caused you to trip while walking!  Not good at all.   Our […]

Concrete Polishing Woodstock, GA

Happy 4th of July!! Concrete Polishing Woodstock, GA This project we completed in the last couple weeks.   The space is going to be the condominium sales office in a now thriving section of Woodstock, GA.   The goal was a polished concrete floor, dyed with a sand color and 36″ diagonal saw cuts.  Existing imperfections […]

Saltillo Floor in Gainesville, GA

Howdy Everyone! Thankfully I am finally able to catch up on some of the more recent projects we have had the privilege of working on.   This Saltillo floor was in very poor condition due to the prior owners neglect and general abuse.  The before photo makes my spine tingle and will give me another […]

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