Hello Again,


Finally catching up on some interesting projects.  This one was a little different, in that we did this project some time ago, but I have returned recently for an inspection of another project.  While there I was able to see how the cleaning and sealing of the exterior porch, walls and pillars were holding up.  Exterior cleaning is most typically done via high pressure alone, I see it all the time.  When that method is used, you usually see the marks or patterns the technician haphazardly placed into the surface.  De-greasing or loosening of the embedded soils is a very important part of exterior cleaning, but usually ingnored.  I will not give a lesson on exterior stone cleaning with this post, but I wanted to show the difference when a plan is executed properly.  After the surface was dry, we applied a special exterior sealer that will prevent the future growth of mold and mildew.  Two years later the pillar in this picture looks the same!!

Before and after pictures of Exterior Stone Cleaning in Buckhead.


Exterior before2 Exterior before1 Exterior after