Travertine Cleaning – Marietta, GA

Hello again!

We recently cleaned and repaired a travertine floor in Marietta.  This floor, along with most in the home had been covered with quite a few acrylic shine products over the years.   The new homeowners wanted the floors back to their natural state, I will have some posts regarding the other floors in this home soon.

We began by stripping the acrylic products, fortunately there was not a lot of it here compared with the rest of the home.

After stripping, we then de-greased and pressure steam cleaned the stone.  Travertine cleaning results are very effective when using pressure cleaning, it allows us to get deep into the voids and pores of the stone.  Once we had the travertine cleaned, we could inspect it for acid damage.  There were only a few acid damage spots around the toilet that we quickly restored.  Dry the floor and seal with an impregnating sealer and it looks as good as new!  I love these results!!


Marietta Travertine Cleaning Before

Marietta Travertine Cleaning Before


Marietta Travertine Cleaning

Marietta Travertine Cleaning After

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