Hello Everyone,

This post is to show a recent project with Travertine grinding and polishing in Douglasville, Ga.


We were tasked to flatten this floor as the installation left numerous lips on many tiles.  Some were as high as 1/8″ and actually caused you to trip while walking!  Not good at all.   Our process to restore this beautiful travertine were:

  • Hand grind excessive lips prior to using floor machines. (First Picture)  See how many we had to grind??
  • Planetary grind travertine in low diamond grit to flatten.
  • Continue honing to remove previous scratches.  Four diamond grits in sequence.

At this point the floor was opened up completely and other voids / holes were exposed during the grinding steps:

  • Floated entire floor to fill voids, grout lines and minor pits.
  • Hone floor at two remaining diamond grits.
  • Paste polish to a high sheen.

Yes I know this is a lot of work!!!  But in the end the floor is like those from Italy that are installed and then ground in place.  The name for them is a monolithic floor.  The beauty is that once they are ground flat they will never be nothing but flat!!  Plus you can see a grout line, but not feel it as they have been ground right along with the stone…



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